A little bit about the authors…

Merry Meet! I’m Jessie, wife of a grounded and loving husband, a fur mom of two energetic puppies, two crazy cats, two noisy parakeets and a growing barnyard of animals! (For some reason we have a thing for pairs haha) In describing myself I would say that I am an artist, a novice herbalist, and a kitchen witch. I have a love for cooking, healing, yoga and all things that grow. Growing up I always had a passion for helping people and I loved to make them smile. This started from being a certified nurse’s aide, to an activity director at an assisted living, to the start up of my art business, then finally the rebranding and fusion of my art and our love to live off the land. You’ll get to read my tales of art projects, gardening and plants as well all things witchy! Oh and of course any project collaborations with my adoring other half.


Hello folks! My name is Dalton. I’m the proud husband of a proud woman, enjoying life and doing my best. If I had to describe myself I would say this: I am a martial artist, a practical philosopher, a lover of food, learning, and good whiskey. My entire life has been centered around moving forward either physically, mentally, spiritually, or materially. Since meeting Jessie in 2014 I’ve never been happier. She has opened my eyes to so many things and helped me find balance in a way I couldn’t have comprehended without her.

My greatest purpose in life is finding balance and enjoying life with the people I love, as well as sharing what I know and love with others. Most of what you’ll probably read from me will focus around my hobbies and passions, and of course collaborative efforts with my lovely wife!


While many people in our age group are drifting towards the city-life and modern ways, we both enjoy simply living a little closer to the land. While we embrace a certain level of modernity, Jessie and I both share a deep love of nature, the woods, and simple solutions to everyday woes and worries. Where many find solace in the conveniences of the modern day, we find peace in the bond we share with the land around us and those things in it.

With that we welcome you to the Two-Old-Oaks. Thank you so much for visiting and we hope you enjoy your stay.

Questions? Answers? Something you would like us to write about? Feel free to contact us at our email, twooldoaks2018@gmail.com. We love hearing from you!