Ending Phase…

Another year is almost gone. November disappeared and we got so busy we didn’t even have time to think about writing much. Work and family and traveling and chores make life an endless rush this time of year. But alas 2018 is almost over and with its end a new year begins.

With the passing of a year we can look back and see just what 2018 was all about. For us, the year of 2018 was a year of change. No word better encapsulates the happenings of the past 330-some odd days. Nothing has stayed the same. Family has moved and shifted. Friendships have waxed and waned. Career paths and the plan of life ahead has been forced to adapt to the new. Everything has changed for us this year and it has been all for the better. However with 2019 around the corner it is time to enter the ending-phase of the year of change.

Part of that ending-phase will likely include wrapping things up, self-reflection, and consideration of the next year’s direction. We’ve yet to choose a theme or goal for the upcoming year, but personally I(Dalton) cannot help but envision that the year of 2019 will be less a year a change….and more a year of establishing roots.

So there we go. Time to close eyes and meditate….and complete the ending-phase. Happy Yule to all.


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