Managing Trees

Its interesting how the natural cycle works…


We tend to see these things on a micro-scale. We see short-term, one human-lifespan or so at a time. Yet the great cycle appears and exists on a macro-scale as well. Ecosystems are ‘born’, they thrive for a time, and then they die. Entire species, cultures, entire worlds pass in and out of existence constantly and we are none the wiser.

This weekend we began the process of ‘girdling’ various trees around the property. Much of our meager 6 acres is wooded and like anything else, the trees can benefit from proper management. Many of the trees (all which we girdled) were small, sickly, misshapen and/or being shaded-out by larger trees. While we still have a few to go, here is a glance at a few of the trees we did get to! (As well as a few we cut all the way down!)

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