Catching Feathers….

The pursuit of Zen is like catching feathers in the wind without damaging them; the harder we try the more impossible the task becomes. The moment we ‘want‘ to catch hold the feather escapes our grasp or is damaged upon capture. It is only when consciousness abates, when the desire to grasp the feather disappears and we become content with merely following it and observing its slow descent, that we find it has landed gracefully in our palms.

The feeling is not unlike a bolt of lighting striking the ground. In the preceding moments a presence can be felt in the air and time itself slows down until suddenly and without warning the sky flashes brightly. The electrons themselves align perfectly for a fraction of a second and a bridge opens up between earth and sky…and then it is gone. This sudden fulfillment of an end without conscious intent is a wonderful example of what many refer to as Zen manifesting in the physical world. For the briefest of times all exists in perfect harmony between the heavens and earth. There is no struggle, no desire, no goal; the bolt of lightning simply ‘is.’ 

In our lives these moments come frequently, occurring wherever consciousness has ceased to impede flow. They are the ‘couldn’t do that if I tried’ moments we have all experienced at some point or another, and that is the exact truth of the matter. To try is to fail before having started the task at hand.

Having begun a new journey….my best group has been loosed in a state of ‘Zen’.

A great general does not alert his enemy of his plans. Should we then choose to try, we do just this; alerting the world and ourselves of our intentions and sabotaging our chances for ‘success’…..

Journal Entry for September 4, 2018 / Dalton. 


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