The Right Tool for the Job

Years ago my father said something that has stuck with me ever since. We were working on some pipes that brought water into the house and I was fussing with a pair of channel-locks to get a section of pipe unscrewed. After I’d tried multiple times without success I relinquished the tool to him and he cracked the pipe loose with a chuckle.

“Channel-locks. The wrong tool for everything but a good tool for anything.”

Something about the way he said it made me think extra hard. My 12 year old brain started working overtime, trying like a child does to make something complicated out of something simple. We kept working, moving things back and forth in the cramped space until we reached another, larger pipe and I ran into the same problem. Once again I tried my best to break the pipe loose with channel-locks. After repeated attempts I turned to hand dad the tool so he could do it….only to find him handing me something else.

The right tool for the job. An actual pipe-wrench. After a moment figuring out how to adjust it I slapped it on the pipe and *POP! It came right loose. I was as surprised as I was thrilled and the meaning of what dad had said suddenly clicked in my mind.

“Wrong tool for everything but good for anything…” Well if there is a wrong tool…there must be a right one. And sometimes that is exactly what you need. The wrong tool might be better than nothing. But with the right tool any job becomes a walk in the park.

For us its time to install the right tool for a new job. September is basically here and we are less than 4 weeks from fall. Its going to get cold fast this year we plan to use wood stove instead of a wood-boiler for heat. After weighing our options and making a pros-cons list, its just the right tool for the job.


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