A New Goal…..

Homesteading…..is a hard thing to do. Its an old-world way of living, built on broad shoulders, strong backs and stubborn wills. Between the work involved, the time it takes, and the heartache it occasionally brings its definitely not the ‘smart’ way to live.

Your friends will look at you like you’re crazy. (My wife is a crazy chicken lady!) Your family will wonder what is wrong with you. Your therapist will insist you stop all this nonsense and see him first thing tomorrow.  There is simply no denying….in the modern world there are better options if you want an easy life. Period.

Want to make money? Don’t homestead.

Want to have free time? Don’t homestead!

Want to live a life of leisure? DON’T HOMESTEAD! 

Want to live a life of satisfaction….? You do?

                         Then you might want to homestead. 

In all seriousness though, most who have started out on the journey of homesteading in the modern world will agree there isn’t much in the world more satisfying than seeing a project finished, or watching a baby animal’s first clumsy steps. Or being able to confidently say to all around you….”Yeah….I did that.”

But of course, paychecks only stretch so far and there’s just no denying how expensive things can be, especially when you start in trying to build coops and barns, or run fence and set gates, etc. Like we said before, homestead just isn’t a good way to make money.

That is why we are setting a new goal for our little homestead. Over the next two-three years we are going to get as much done with as little as possible. We want to see just how far we can push the envelope, see just how little we can spend, how much we can reuse, and how much we can accomplish. We have a lot of big projects and it is going to be a challenge. There is no way we can NOT spend money….but we can minimize and only spend what is necessary.

That being said….we want to hear your ideas for re-purposing things and saving money on a homestead! How do you approach the practice of frugality when working on projects around the farm? If you have a homestead-trick you’ve used to save money and get things done too, let us know! We appreciate it so much!

Thanks for reading!



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