Musingly Making a Magical Morning Brew

“Life Happens,

Coffee Helps.” -Unknown

Warm sun rays filtered through windows, the whistling of a teapot, rustling of kitchen cabinets and then boiling water pouring over coffee grounds. I watch through blurry eyes as my husband starts one of our morning rituals.

This is a Chemx coffee pot, so much better than the average muggle coffee maker.

I’ve surprisingly grown to love mornings, something that I never thought would happen. It holds a certain kind of magic that makes you slow down, to stop and smell the roses. Not to say that I spring out of my bed at sunrise and I’m ready to take on the day…..but I will say it helps me to better prepare for the day ahead.

Finding time for intricate spells and rituals can be hard with the daily struggles of the muggle lives we live. That’s why I try to make my daily chores into opportunities to make magic. And my morning coffee is a great way to do this.

I truly enjoy the flavor of coffee as well the little pep is an added bonus. While most of us can still be going through the motions  while making coffee try and take your time. While pouring my coffee into my mug I try to take in the smell and just let that start waking up my mind and opening all my senses. I also don’t drink coffee black, so in goes the cream! Taking a spoon I will start stirring clockwise and begin to focus my mind. With each passing of the spoon I’m pouring in the intentions of alertness, clarity, focus or anything that I really need for that day.

We also enjoy the taste of coffee made with a French Press.

With that I take the spoon out, give it a taste test then proceed to  sit in my spot on the couch and enjoy the early morning with my Husband talking, reflecting, reading and making plans for the day. All while sipping my magic brew.

Remember that magic is everywhere, around you and within you. All you have to do is look and be creative. Blessed be lovelys and may your path be bright.

-Jessie, The Homesteading Witch


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