Nothing Like a Good Deal…

As July is coming to a close we are building a whole new list of project goals for the upcoming months. August and September are going to be busy. Outside chores are beginning to slow down and with that we are buckling down to focus on paying off debts and getting some improvements to the house completely done. Walls need painted, shelves need moved, and we would both love to get some power outlets in reasonable locations (the house was originally open-floor so outlets are terribly situated). One of the other big goals we had decided on was the installation of a chimney in the center of the house. After having a seizure upon sight of last-winter’s electric bills, we want nothing to do with electric heaters and have decided to install a wood-stove in our home.

Originally we wanted a more ornate stove that could act as a nice center-piece for the living room (nothing like fire-light and reading!) Unfortunately though, those aren’t cheap and we decided to forgo buying what we wanted this year to save some cash. Instead we settled on an older cast-iron cook-stove we got from some family that was moving away. With the expense of a stove out of the way we realized we would still need to set aside approximately $1000 for stove-pipe, flashing, and other parts to get the job done right.

Doable, but certainly not chump change.

Then Tuesday came and we happened across this little beauty!

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A gorgeous little glass-front wood stove (the exact model we were wanting), 11 feet of just the pipe we needed, and the cap! All for the less than the price of the stove alone had we bought it brand new. All said and done, its a savings of over $1000 easily and we are happy happy happy.


Now just to get it installed…..Coming soon!


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