Homesteading Mindset: Think Long Term…

We all have dreams. We all have goals. We all have things we want to accomplish in life; whether it is becoming a business-owner or a pro-athlete, a top-level-chef or a world-renowned author, a television host or a simple homesteader.

Having dreams and goals is a critical part of the human experience we are all dealing with. Our dreams give us foresight and give birth to our goals. They allow us to look past the what-is and see instead the what-could-be. We know by their very existence that there is more to life than what lies in front of us and we naturally want to bring the real world a little closer to those dreams.

Here’s the thing though…..bringing those dreams to fruition is not an easy task. It takes time, effort, and a dedicated plan. Dreaming is easy, everybody does it. Setting goals is more difficult, but lots of people still do it. Keeping on the path to attaining those goals is the true challenge and we need more people who can do that too.

The problem is we live in a high-speed world. It is easy to get distracted and in many ways our lifestyle encourages us to embrace the distraction. Click this, click that. Don’t finish this video before you start another, don’t specialize because we need more generalists, don’t commit to one person too much, etc. Buy this, buy that, everything begs for all your attention at all times and everything is at your fingertips. All of this has combined to do away with the ancient world of waiting. We live today in a world of instant-gratification. Unfortunately….

Goals don’t work that way.

No, goals don’t work that way at all. Dreams come and go in a flash like a Google search, but goals take time. They take work. They take discipline. But above all things goals take PATIENCE and a commitment to the long-term.

The way I see it life is like one giant map and no matter where you start out on that map, your goals are always somewhere else. Sometimes its hard to tell exactly where they are, but you know they are out there somewhere on the map and you know if you want to reach them you have to start off down some road. You may encounter crossroads and corners, dead ends and detours, but you know one of the roads will lead to your goal. You know its there. You can feel it, even if you can’t usually see it. But it is hard to keep moving when you can’t see any progress, or when you see yourself go backwards. It can make you want to just give up and go home.

It is so important that you don’t. Keep walking. Keep taking steps. Keep moving forward even if the mailbox is still out-of-sight.  Keep doing the work because I promise you, even if the destination is still out of sight a quick glance behind you will show just how far you’ve come.

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I have to remind myself of this almost daily. As young homesteaders we have far more energy than we have time or money and it is difficult to find our projects brought to a standstill. At least once a week I fight with myself for not having more money to complete projects, or not having enough time to get what I want done. I feel lazy if I don’t see progress immediately. I feel inadequate if I find myself unable to do something I think I should be able to just do. But I know sometimes that is the way things go and thanks to my wife, my friends, and my family I know that in reality we are making progress. We have a clear goal in mind and we are taking strides along the path to reach it.

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And I can promise you….if you have a goal in mind and are working towards it you are making progress too. You may not be able to see it. You might get depressed or disappointed or disheartened. That is okay. It happens to all of us. But keep walking. Keep walking. KEEP WALKING. Every step you take forward takes you a little bit closer to your goal. Even right now I promise you’ve come a lot farther than you think. So I’ll say it one more time. KEEP WALKING, your destination awaits…

Even if you can’t see it yet….

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