Sunday Blog 1: Garden Spaces and Sacred Places…

Good morning everyone. I hope this Sunday finds you well, relaxing with coffee in-hand. The sky here is gray with clouds, the lights are dimmed and the house is silent. Two pups are snoozing on the couch and my lovely wife is still asleep, enjoying a respite from my early-morning antics she puts up with every other day. As for myself, I’m enjoying my coffee, a pipe, and the beautiful silence of my Sunday morning solitude.

All this combines into what I wanted to bring up today: the importance of sacred place and time. 

I could probably write on this topic for hours, but Sunday is a day of rest is it not? So instead of boring you with my theory I’ll keep it short and sweet:

The single best thing you can do for your mental and spiritual well-being is to have a place and time set aside each day and/or week for reflection. This place must be considered sacred to you; no stress be permitted to enter. This time must be sacred to you: no work. Just uninterrupted time for self-reflection.

For myself and my wife this place is our home and in-particular; our garden.

A line of tomatoes held up with wooden-trellis

The garden is one of our most sacred spaces. When we enter through it’s gate nothing enters with us. Saturday and Sunday mornings both are often spent peacefully milling about within it’s borders doing this or that, giving us time to stop thinking about life and simply live it.

No reward is better than the cultivating of life…

So this Sunday morning (if you haven’t already) find yourself a sacred space to enjoy and take some time to stop thinking so much and worrying over life. Just let it happen.

Be that in church, or a garden, or a walk through the woods….go and enjoy some time to you.

After all you deserve it.


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