Kitchen Witchery Tools

What is a Kitchen Witch? My definition would be a practitioner that infuses his or her magic/energy into foods and remedies they craft, anything from baking cookies to making a batch of rose water. This magic is something that I do all the time and there are many who do as well without even knowing. Ever wonder why the phrase “Doesn’t taste like mom used to make it” is said about a certain food? That person didn’t make it, they didn’t infuse their energy into it.

So what tools does a witch need to have in her kitchen? Well the most common tools seen in any Muggle kitchen for one:

  •         The Wooden Spoon

o   Something as simple as this can have great effects. This is what I would call a wand in the kitchen. It directs energy into whatever you’re mixing. I mean what else do you stir your cauldron with?

I have has this Mortar and Pestle for years, even before knowing I would follow a more magical path.


  •         Mortar and Pestle

o   I have had mine for I don’t know how long. I really started using this when we moved to our homestead. For me the magical purpose behind this tool is to help release and infuse the energy of what you’re crushing. I love making my own seasoning blends with a magical touch, like my hubby’s chicken noodle soup spice blend that will make you feel better when you’re feeling under the weather.

  •         The Cauldron

o   Now this can be a traditional cast iron cauldron or even a simple stock pot. Here the marriage of flavors and magic will, well…..bubble and brew!

We got this cauldron for our Handfasting last October, it’s a whopping 17 gallon one! This picture is from our self retreat we took over Memorial Day Weekend.
  •         The Knife

o   This is important in any kitchen! What else are you going to do all the chopping with? In the magical sense this helps direct the energy in what you’re cooking up.

  •         Spices

o   Every Kitchen Witch needs to have basic spices. Salt, pepper, rosemary, basil, sage and thyme. Now these are the spices I can’t be without and find that they are pretty darn universal. Can’t buy them? No worries! Herbs are easy to plant in pots so just grow your own spice collection over time. Some spices can be pretty pricey or you can grow your own.

  •         Jars

o   You’ll need something to store all those wonderful spice blends in! I love to

I love this style of jar, I recycled this Christmas gift with a simple wash and dissoluble labels.

reuse jars for my spice blends and other cooking ingredients. Or to use a planters for an indoor herb garden. You can also give your jars a magical touch with the help from sigils.

Remember it’s the intention behind what you’re doing that makes the magic. As well as certain items will tell you what they were meant to be. Every Witch has his or hers own unique style and path and your kitchen tools may be slightly different.

What’s in your Kitchen Tool Kit?

What are your go to spices?

Can’t wait to hear for you! Blessed Be Lovelies!

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