Saturday Chores!

Shh!! Listen! Hear that? Sounds like chickens out scratching! Well maybe it doesn’t there but it certainly does here!

Another weekend has come and gone and with it another project is complete. After what seemed like an endless wait and a weekend of hard work we finally finished the new chicken run! See?!


This new run is about 65 foot square and absolutely FILLED with bugs, thick grass, and plenty of places to scratch for seeds and shoots. All sides are fenced with 4 foot high wire-fabric fencing pulled tight and supported by (literally) all the wooden posts we had so the entire pen is sturdy and strong. The young oaks in the middle provide shade all day and with no pole barns on either side there is nothing to block a cooling breeze. Compared to the old run it is a paradise.

While it will take a few days for the flock to get used to this new run (and consequently comfortable enough with it to spend time in it) we are excited to be able to let the old run grow back up. With the tiller fixed we can now get to tilling and seeding the old run to help it recuperate after supporting two dozen birds for a year.

We also have an expectant mother who will be needing a run for her and her babies here shortly, as well as another dozen chicks who will soon be too large for the brooder-box we built.


Getting this run done was big project for us. Without a real tractor, auger, or any real power tools something as simple as setting posts and stretching fence can become quite time consuming and exhausting especially when working by your lonesome. The entire project took approximately 30 hours of work, but the reward is well worth the effort put in.

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    • Thanks! 🙂 We’re starting to really double down both on the homestead and here online with more blogs. It’s difficult, especially because neither of us are huge social-media heads but slowly building.

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