1. Two Doors: A Parable of Life

-It should first be noted I make no claim as to the origin of the following parable. I recall reading it once but cannot remember where. Regardless the lesson is one I couldn’t not share today.

Two men awoke to find themselves presented with two doors. A guard stood between the two and so the first man asked, ‘Where do these doors go’?

The guard gestured to the door on the left. “This door leads to a land where you will be safe and secure, with food and a home. The king is kind, the laws are just”

The first man thought for a moment and then asked, “What about the other door?”

Gesturing to the door on the right the guard replied, “This door leads to a land of chaos and disorder. Choose wisely”

After a moment of deliberation the first man strode towards the door on the left and disappeared into a land of green grass with a castle in the distance. The second man, now alone asked the guard, “What do you mean the right door leads to chaos?”

The guard looked at him quizzically. “How could it lead to anything else? Freedom after all can be a very messy business.”

Thoughts? Comments? Let me know below if you have them. I enjoy hearing from people.


5 Comments on “1. Two Doors: A Parable of Life

  1. BUT: is the first man in the better situation if he believes that he is? Is he actually content and will believe that he is in more security in comparison and how does this affect his mentality?


    • Perhaps his mentality is more positive, perhaps it is not. Regardless, one fact would remain:

      The land through the left door is governed by a man who is subject to corruption, evil thoughts, etc. Furthermore this man’s word is law and all individuals are subject to it.

      Through the right door lies a land of freedom. There is no king to care for the people,or to help, or to blame. Equally there is no king to rule, or enslave as he might see fit. Every man is subject only to himself and must haul himself up by his own bootstraps.

      I’m glad you liked it and thank you for reading!

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