A Gentleman’s Study….

When I was young my father had a little room in the back of our home. It was small, perhaps 9 feet or so square and without windows. It was one of only three rooms in the house with a door (the other two being my parents bedroom and the bathroom.) It was crammed tight with model airplanes and other things he loved, but most of all it sticks in my memory for what it represented in our home:

A man’s private quarters.

Any other room in the house was open doors. Except for it.

Any other room could be accessed without permission. Except for it.

Any other room was just that…..any other room. Except for it.

This room was something else entirely. It was a sort of ‘magic place’ where only father went when he felt the need. Most often the door was locked. Even when it wasn’t the room was strictly off limits. Seen through the eyes of a little boy it was the ‘king’s quarters’ where only the king could go….unless he allowed another. On occasion I worked up the courage to knock and ask if I may come in, often finding myself greeted with a nod and a smile and a puff of smoke. I would enter, always somewhat nervous as he helped me up to his workbench (for my old man had quite the temper). Without fail he would keep puffing on his cigarette while I sat, enjoying my luck and awed by the things around me.

Now finding myself an adult I understand the value of such a place in a man’s life. A private space where he may go away from everything else….a place of solitude and silence breached by the outside world only on his terms. Many men today have neglected this aspect of their home, giving emotion, chaos, and family free reign throughout. They have no place of solitude, no shrine in which they reign supreme and without fail their mind, spirit, and emotions suffer for it. A man’s home is his castle, but his study is his shrine. It is a place where one can sit. A place to think, to read, to learn and reflect, and a place to practice one’s craft.

The power of solitude and separation is undeniable.

So without further ado I welcome you into the Gentleman’s Study: a place of thought, reflection, and practice. Pour a glass of whiskey, light your pipe and sit back for a while. Enjoy your time, speak your thoughts and let each minute be lived with intention.


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