A Path Of Magic

As a young child I always had a strong belief in magic and the wildest of imaginations. I would pick different grasses and flowers to make believe I was making food or medicine for my friends. I would even pretend I was a magical witch casting spells. Every costume as a child I was a witch… in fact there were only two years I wasn’t. (Those two years I was a cowgirl and a desert princess). Looking back, it seems I was destined to follow down the path of becoming entangled in the magical, a practitioner of real magic.

Attending church as a young girl I grew up first attending a baptist church. Being young I only recalled that it was mostly a set routine on how things were done. Later on my mother and grandmother started back into the church, this time a Pentecostal organization. Having originally gone to a quieter and more reserved church such a change was understandably different. The belief was the same; they both believed Jesus Christ was their lord and savior, only their style of worship was different.

For some time I felt that I was on the right path, yet I questioned things that were done and discussed. I openly asked my mom about the craft. She was always honest with me and would tell me what she knew on the topic but her experience was limited. She mentioned that at one point in her life that she hung around that crowd of people, in fact even a close family friend (who was like another grandma to me) was very much into it, but in the same breath she warned me about the potential danger of practicing without knowledge of what I could be doing. Between her warnings and those of the church I was hesitant to pursue it further.

Despite it all though I could feel things….things the church just couldn’t explain to me. I was afraid to ask in fear that it was something of the “Devil”.


It was just before I started dating my husband when I accepted that I wanted to learn The Craft. Coincidentally his mom had some history within those circles and I jumped at the opportunity to I ask her a million questions and try to absorb all the knowledge I could.

I still remember one of the first questions that she asked me (which I think you should always ask yourself before any great undertaking)

Why do you want to learn The Craft?”

My response was simple:

I want to find out who I am.”

Fast forward to the present…

I have learned more that I give myself credit for in the past three years. I am mainly self-taught as I patiently/impatiently await the universe to connect me to the right mentor/teacher. There are times that I call myself a lazy pagan. I don’t do a full ritual every full moon, new moon or on the Sabbats like I would like to. Hell sometimes I feel like I still have no idea what I’m doing. But alas I am here, striving to be what some would call an “Everyday Witch.” I want to walk my magical path within every step that I take.

That brings me to the title of this section of the blog: Muggles and Magic. As soon as the words sprouted from my mouth I knew that it was destined to come to life. I felt like it was symbolic of my own journey, trying to live in a Muggle world while still walking a magical path. And so here you will read my ponderings, my experiences, things I have learned so far and those things I will continue to learn.

Welcome to part of my journey, hold on tight!

What are things that you would like to learn, see, and gain from Muggles and Magic? Let me know in the comments!

Blessed Be



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