Finding Home…

In summer of 2016, after three years of city living my (then)-fiance and I decided we’d had enough of the crowds, enough of the endless noise, and enough of the straight-up-unnaturalness that is a life in the city. Myself having grown up on a farm and she having grown up in small towns, we were both ready for change. So we set about getting back to the basics and taking the next step forward in our journey together. Of course it all began by scraping and scrounging every penny we could while looking around for that little patch of heaven we both could love and call home for the rest of our lives. We searched for months, looking for something that fit not just our budget, but us as well. After more than a few disappointing trips and considerations we happened across a the place we have come to know as home.

It was love at first sight. While modest and perhaps unassuming to the eye, we both fell in love with the property and the home immediately. Six acres with everything our hearts could ask for. While small, it held in it a little bit of everything we wanted, from thickets to pasture to marshy forest. The house was small and simple; a wonderful blank-slate for us to call home and mold to us. It was perfect. Fast forward three months or so and we were moving in, beginning a new journey together and getting back in touch with the nature so many people tend to take for granted.

Since then we have taken time to get to patiently know our property. We’ve cleaned it where it needed cleaned and trimmed back those things that occasionally need trimmed back. We added chickens and ducks to our small patch of heaven,  and in autumn of 2017 we got married in the backyard in a circle of maple trees overlooking the south field. While our lives may appear simple and boring at first glance it is within that simplicity which we have come to find happiness and love.


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